Friday, 6 January 2012

Rain Salon - #yeg Edmonton Review

On a complete whim, and in total desperation for someone to fix my hair, I betrayed my usual salon in order to get a hair cut. Now, I’ve totally learned my lesson. When you find a good stylist/colourist .. stay with him or her. Seriously. Or else you’ll end up like me and be totally unhappy with your hair.

I decided Rain Salon in the West Edmonton Mall (#yeg) looked like a good spot to get my hair done. 

I guess I’m the most at fault here because I went to a salon I wasn’t familiar with, and I don’t like to complain to anyone when I know they didn’t do a good job. Even when food is crappy at a restaurant, I don’t dare complain just because I genuinely feel bad about it. But now, since it’s 2012 and I’m growing a new pair of lady balls (hehe!), I can tell you that I will never go back to this salon again.  Although it’s a trendy and upscale salon (with a really cool waterfall fountain in the entranceway), the stylists in there really don’t know what they are doing. One colourist kept asking advice from my hairdresser of what she could do to this girl’s hair. She really didn’t seem like she had a clue what she was doing, and that made me nervous. I never did get to see how that girls hair turned out, but I hope for her sake, it was better than mine.

I have to give the stylist some credit; she did a good job of my colour. My hair was a complete mess, with huge roots after neglecting to dye my hair after it was done in the ombre for summer. She had three different colors to tackle and dye over. Although my hair isn’t perfect (there’s still a halo of dark hair that I still will need to fix) she was good at making my hair look natural with a little touch of platinum blonde on the bottom.

The haircut on the other hand, was HORRIBLE. It’s been about a month since, and I’m still trying to figure out where she went wrong. The layers don’t match up at all. They are off by about an inch. Essentially, one side of my hair is way longer than the other and it doesn’t look cute. I thought maybe she parted my hair wrong when she cut it, but I’ve been trying to part my hair in all different combinations and it still doesn’t add up. So frustrating, especially when I paid $60 on a hair service that made me want to cry.

Side Note: Since I wear glasses all the time, going to the salon and taking my glasses off means I cannot see. I have eyes like Mr. Magoo, therefore have to trust that my stylist can do a good job of my hair without having to worry too much about it.

I won’t disclose the name of the stylist who BUTCHERED my hair at Rain, just because I don’t want it to seem like an attack, but fellow readers, I wouldn’t recommend this salon to any of my friends. I should have learned my lesson when my friend Carli got her hair chopped into an unfortunate mullet there a couple years back.

In total, I spent $265.00 (not including tip) on a haircut, hair color, highlights, and deep-conditioning treatment.

OH WELL, lesson learned. And luckily, hair grows back. Until then, a hat is always chic and optional way to hide a bad haircut!

And to my regular stylist, don’t hate me too much when I book an appointment in the New Year and explain my horrible experience to you. I’m sorry for cheating on you!

Give me a shout on twitter and tell me if you’ve ever had a haircut nightmare.. or even recommend your favorite salon!(@peachplumpears)


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