Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review - Arbonne's RE9 ADVANCED Skincare Line

Recently, I got a chance to try out this skin care line by Arbonne. It seems to me, after a little research, Arbonne is like a hybrid of Mary Kay and Avon, but a little more high quality and definitely more expensive. Now, with that being said, I have to say that I did enjoy going through the whole Arbonne catalogue and seeing the variety of different products they carried. It doesn’t just stop at skincare; there are shampoos, makeup, and even health and diet products that Arbonne carries. I myself have made a little wish list of things that I would like to try and purchase from Arbonne, because getting an opportunity to try out this skincare line has really evoked a curiosity to try out other things by them.

I have to put it out there to remain completely honest that I did get to try out this skincare line for free. It was given to me in hopes that I would review it and give my honest opinion and my thoughts to be featured in my blog. I am in no way swayed by anything free. Although its nice to try things out without costing me a penny, that will not change my opinion of the product. All the opinions on this blog are my own, and are truthful and honest. I would never want any of my followers to think that I am trying to sell them a product, especially if I didn’t like it!

I was lucky enough to receive the product in its entirety. I’m talking, nice big bottles and all. Sometimes, with testers, it’s hard to really get a feel for the product by only trying it once or twice. I have been using this product for about a week now, and feel that I can give a good review after I’ve done a little research and noticed a physical difference in my skin.

About the RE9 Advanced line:

“It’s time to outgrow aging. RE9 Advanced is a synergy of not one, but 9 major age-defying elements and botanicals in a powerful system of products clinically proven to start working within 24 hours.  The RE9 Advanced breakthrough approach addresses skin health by pairing targeted topical treatments with an age-defying supplement that accelerates results twice as fast. Antioxidant vitamin C, contained in the supplement, supports collagen synthesis and helps restore skin’s youthful glow. Algae extract enhances this activity on the skin’s outer layer, dramatically diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” (Arbonne Catalogue, 2011)

Products I received and tried out:

   Smoothing Facial Cleanser (Step 1) (retails for $50)

 Regenerating Toner (Step 2) (retails for $42)

Intensive Renewal Serum (Step 3) (retails for $68)

  Corrective Eye Crème (Step 4) (retails for $65)

 Restorative Day Crème with SPF 20 (Step 5) (retails for $60)

Night Repair Crème (retails for $100)

Age-Defying Neck Cream (retails for $95)

My Initial Thoughts:

-       I was skeptical at first to try out a skincare line for anti-aging. At only 23, I haven’t really thought about wrinkles. But, this product has proven to be a key in order to get rid of some of those fine lines I’m starting to develop (due to wearing makeup from an earlier age in life, especially foundation wear, this will cause premature wrinkles). And, there is no time like the present to prevent wrinkles from forming, especially in this day and age when we want to preserve our youthful look for as long as we can.

-       The packaging for this product is absolutely GORGEOUS! It’s this lovely orange and beige color, and the containers that it comes in were something to be marveled. The packing reminds me a lot of Lancomes products, that high-end, and flashy looking bottling gets me every time!

-       The price of this product scared me a little at first. $385.00 for all of the products in total seemed like an astronomical number to me. But, in reality, all high-quality makeup and skincare products aren’t cheap. These full size bottles, should last you about 6 months (you really don’t need to use much of the products at a time, at the most, I’d say use a pea size amount) if used twice a day. If you put it into that perspective, you’re really buying the whole line for $68 dollars a month, which seems a little more affordable.

After Using the Products:

-       The smoothing facial cleanser smells good, it smells a lot like citrus, which the product boasts to have mega vitamin C to really help you skin glow and tighten up. The cleanser is great because it’s really gentle. I have somewhat sensitive skin, and this product did not cause any redness or irritation. It has a nice foaming action to it, and it really seems to polish your skin when you rinse it off.

-       The regenerating toner doesn’t smell as nice as the cleanser, but it still feels good on the face. I opted to spray the toner on with a cotton ball, and then wipe it on my face. You can also just spray it on your face, but you aren’t supposed to rinse the toner off, therefore it’ll take longer to dry if you spray too much. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of toners, for me personally, if I need a toner, I’ll use champagne (yes, the alcoholic beverage) but I did enjoy this product.

-       The intensive renewal serum was probably my favorite product. You can really feel the collagen in the serum, and it works to tighten your skin. With this bad boy, you can really start to notice a difference in the appearance of your skin.

-       The corrective eye crème was nice, but I don’t think I necessarily needed it. It did work on some of the puffiness around my eyes, but since I don’t have crow’s feet, I didn’t notice many results. I did notice some firmness around my eyes, which again is probably due to the collagen in the product. I can imagine that if an older woman were to use this product though, she would notice a definite change in the appearance of her eyes after using this product.

-       The restorative day crème with SPF 20 was another one of my favorite products. It’s a lightweight moisturizer, that doesn’t clog your pores, or makes them feel heavy, and most importantly, doesn’t make your makeup go on cakey after you apply the crème. I appreciated that the product had a nice touch of SPF, but the only unfortunate thing about SPF products, is that if you are taking pictures or anything to do with harsh lighting, you will have this ghostly glow around your face. It’s just the nature of SPF products.

-       The night repair cream is the most expensive of the skincare line, but also one of the best. This night cream is amazing! Once again, the smell is good, lots of vitamin C packed into the cream. Didn’t leave my face feeling oily, which is nice, because some night creams just glob on and somehow absorb into the face. This one didn’t clog my pores, and I noticed results of firmness and brighter skin in the morning.

-       Age-defying neck crème was probably one of the products that I thought sounded stupid, because I rarely apply anything to my neck, but delivered the most visible results. Will work great on droopy, turkey-like necks, due to the insane amount of collagen in this product.

In conclusion, this skincare line shows promise. Although I didn’t believe it at first (trust me, I’ve tried plenty of products that promise miracles in 24 hours and seldom work), I have to agree with the product that my skin was visibly firmer and brighter within the first 24 hours of use.  Unfortunately, I did notice a few breakouts from using this product. It could be my skin wasn’t used to the product, or just because of hormones, but I did notice a couple of little bumps that were irritating and required concealing. But, besides that it did not cause excessive irritation or redness that my skin is prone to.

As for considering purchasing the product, I would definitely say that I want it, but the price is definitely something ridiculous. The products are good and show promise and change in the skins firmness. I just wish the price was a little more affordable, but all amazing products have a steep price tag.  If I had to compare this skin product with another, I would say that it’s comparable in both price and quality with Chanel’s skincare line, but I enjoy Arbonne’s products because of their botanical use, and having vegan friendly products. Once I figure out which products I will buy personally, I will definitely let you know and do another review on Arbonne products!

If you live in #ymm (Fort McMurray) and you’re interested in anything Arbonne related, you can check out their website at for a full list of products, or consult with Stacey Warren, Arbonne’s Fort McMurray Representative at 780-838-3511.


  1. What I realized lately is that a professional product is way more effective than a normal one. Even if the prices can't be compared I prefer to pay more for quality instead of damaging my skin with a crappy cream or oil.

    At first I used a few unknown cheap brands that instead of increasing my skin vitality it did the opposite and I had to ask a dermatologist for was the moment when I realized why some friends use only professional brands and since that moment I use such products too.

  2. Although high-end brands can be pricey, they are ultimately worth the penny. Doing drugstore products all the time can get quite costly because you got through bottles upon bottles so rapidly! I'm glad you're branching out and trying higher end brands, but don't forget that for some makeup products.. you can totally go cheap! ;)

    Thanks for the comment and the follow, it means a lot! Thanks for reading.


  3. Sometimes it is not the brand that ensures a product efficacy. There are less known product out there that really delivers what is expected from them. I will try this one once my bottle of elemis skin care is empty.

  4. I have tried many Arbonne products and love them. I found if you have a Arbonne party you can get the products for up to half the cost or even free. The RE9 night cream is the BEST ever. I love that stuff. If you don't get anything else get that. It is worth the cost. I am 38 and within the last 5 years really started to take care of my skin. After tring the brands like Estee Lauder and Clinique and over the counter brands a friend introduced me to Arbonne. I am not a seller just a buyer. Since using the Arbonne product now for about 2 years I don't want to use anything else. Hope this helps anyone who is thinking about trying it. I say go for it !!

  5. Hi All, I'm actually a consultant with Arbonne and I love the Re9, been using it for a 1.5yrs and would use anything else. The reviews above are on point with the exception of the price: the set is $323 and each individual part is less that what I saw posted. Arbonne also give clients an opportunity to become a preferred clients for a full calendar yr for $20 and you get 20% off everything you buy(like Costco, I pay $50 a yr for discounts on items, so instead of $323, you pay $258.00 and that set lasts about 5 months. If any lives in brooklyn NY, connect with me and I can get you the gold bag as depicted above to try or my company site is:
    Please know also, anything ordered online, you get 45 days to return it if you don't like it. Love that! Today, all I wanted was to see if there were reviews out there..and I found this..NICE! I will definitely continue to read. For those that want to host a party, just email me: or connect with me on FB:
    Have a blessed day!

  6. and wouldn't use anything else lol..

  7. I have ultra sensitive skin, and am skeptical of new products and have been researching the Arbonne line, before purchasing . It is an incredibly impressive company. I like to know where my products are coming from and the impact the company has on our planet, especially because so many dyes, waxes, petroleum based products, chemicals, artificial fragrances, etc. are used in skin care and cosmetics, yuck! Who wants that on thier skin? Not me! That being said I am so impressed with Arbonne. They only use pure, safe, beneficial and botanically based ingredients. You should read about their commitment to being green, "Arbonne's Evergreen Commitment" and they have been for 35 years, they didn't just jump on the "green" bandwagon. How do they do it? here are a few of the ways, by: reducing their carbon footprint, using a UPS carbon neutral program for shipping, using the first high efficiency printing press for catalogues and boxes. 80% of those beautiful products you love the look of, are printed with recycled soy ink!! They are involved in a LFG project which converts Land Fill Gas from methane to CO2 and H2O, reducing the global warming potential of LFG.. these are really incredible standards in this industry! I feel it is so important to not just enjoy how a product feels, looks, smells, works, but know it's impact, the bigger picture. This product is based in Swizerland but made in USA, and sold by consultants, which cuts out the "middleman". I am sold!!

  8. I've been using the Arbonne FC5 line, mainly because I love the smell and it's worked very well for my ultra-dry skin. That said, I use it over coconut oil, Olay's Renegerist serum and haven't used soap/ cleanser/toner on my face for over 5 years. Really interested in the serum and eye cream, because frankly, there isn't enough in my medicine cabinet.

  9. I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.

  10. Great review. dude i want this Age-Defying Neck Cream...
    Beauty products

    1. Hi Maarten

      My name is Christina Lachman and I am a Arbonne Consultant. If you would like to purchase the Age-Defying Neck Cream from me, email me for greater details.

      Thank you,
      Christina Lachman
      Arbonne International Consultant
      ID# 115812342

  11. How could I get free samples to try this stuff?

    1. (disclaimer--I'm an Arbonne Independent consultant as well)

      The RE9 creams are what caused me to fall in love with the company and become a consultant about 6 mths later! (FYI, I used to use Lancome (skin and makeup), MAC (makeup), Pantene (hair), Body Shop/BBW (bath products))--I found the price points to be very similar to those brands, but much less when the preferred client discount or independent consultant discount is applied.

      Sammi, at 23, you would most likely benefit more from the FC5 lines (and they are much lower in both price and total number of steps). However, skincare is highly personal, both based on your skintype and preferences, as everyone is different.

      In additional, all products do have a 45-day money back guarantee, so it doesn't hurt to try them out first.

      I'd be happy to discuss any of the products, how to get discounts (anywhere from 20-80%), and the company/business overall with anyone who may have questions!

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  15. Maybe you should have investigated the ingredients instead of reading the catalogue. This skincare range is not as natural or as safe as it claims. Even in the baby products some questionable ingredients. Thats all I can say, look it up yourself.

    1. Hmmm, I have been trying their re9 range for a few days now. I like it a lot but what really puts me off is their claim that it's SAFE. Oxybenzone - not safe (especially in baby products) it's actually an organic chemical compound - so much for not putting chemicals on your skin. Also 100% organic??? I'm not even 100% convinced the carrots in my fridge are organic - really grey area in beauty and supplements as the claims these companies make don't have to be proven. Surely they use some kind of stabilisers in their creams!? I just wish they would be honest about this.

    2. hey there, I just wanted to help clarify a misconception I am reading on your post. Arbonne has never claimed to be organic. In fact, the ingredients listed on the website even show which ingredients are biotanicals, and which ones are scientifically formulated. The claim to be SAFE is still true due to the fact that the amounts of certain ingredients are at safe, and benifical levels for consumers. An example of other things that can be harmful and helpful at the same time are CHEMO therapy threatments for cancer, snake venom, sun exposure,etc. If you are worried about everything being all ORGANIC than you are right in saying this is not the product for you. However, please make sure you have checked,and rechecked your own personal statements before you try to sway others of a very benifical product line.

    3. Just to clarify, my personal statement is in fact a statement made by an Arbonne NVP at one of their meetings. When I had a chat with her and said that if Arbonne skin care products are in fact organic, pure and natural then they should be good enough to eat, she said "you are right". At no point she clarified my misconception. To get people to buy into their products Arbonne also use an example of how many chemicals people put on and into their body through personal care and beauty products which makes you believe their products don't contain such ingredients. When it comes to chemo therapy, snake venom and sun exposure people are free to make informed decision as it doesn't claim to be PURE SAFE and BENEFICIAL. Oxybenzone is considered to be safer to use on humans than prolonged sun exposure. 90% of the US population is contaminated with this chemical which enhances skin absorption of other chemicals, causes biochemical and cellular level changes, has developmental/reproductive toxicity, causes endocrine disruption, allergies, organ/system toxicity, persistence and bioaccumulation. Oxybenzone is definitely NOT SAFE for the enviroment.
      Secondly when I declined the offer to become a part of the Arbonne team the rep turned vile and told me how sorry she felt for me. That I will feel left out when ll my friends (who she assumed will be in Arbonne by now) will have so much fun talking about their holidays, meetings, targets and colleauges. How she understands that some people have to work for the profit of others and how she's about to approach two more friends from my street.
      So for these reasons I don't trust this company at all. When it comes to the product, give it a try - I did I found it run out far too quickly and when it comes to the hand cream - after i stopped using it my hands were dry after a day. Not a sign of a good hand cream.
      I think people should make informed decisions when it comes to products they use. Claiming that something is safe, natural and botanical is not same as saying that it contains ingredients which are safe, natural and botanical.
      To me honesty is the best policy - doesn't seem the same for Arbonne.

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  17. have you tried cindy crawford's Meaningful Beauty? I've used r9 as well as the fc5 and I have combination skin, also sensitive. I've been happy with the r9 but since it's finished i've been shopping around to see what I can find that's more affordable. So far no other products have compared to their restorative lotion (it really moisturizes, protects with spf and doesn't clog my pores). I came across the commercial on tv but don't know anyone who's used it.

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  20. I LOVE this post as I am consultant for ARBONNE and use the R9 products! I am 58 but nobody guesses that I am older han 42 THIS stuff works! If you want a sample please email me at! I am in Daytona Beach Fl

  21. Hi Sammi,
    Unfortunately, I did notice a few breakouts from using this product. It could be my skin wasn’t used to the product, or just because of hormones, but I did notice a couple of little bumps that were irritating and required concealing
    I notcied that you mentioned the above - I am trialling these same products at the moment and have this same outcome.
    Did you keep using them and did the little bumps go away?
    Can anyone else shed light on this, as I dont want to purchase the product if this still keeps happening.

    1. The probable reason for breaking out is that great skincare cleans deep into your pores. The dirt and oils are being drawn to the surface. Once your pores are clean the breakouts should stop.

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  23. Your skin needs time to adjust to the changes in skincare products/regime so it is completely normal for your skin to break out. As did mine. I have been using the RE9 Range for 6 months now and completely worth the price. Love it so much, i wouldn't use anything else now.

  24. I am one of the most cautious people there are about skin care products as I have Rosacea. I was hesitant to even put the product on my face during a party I attended. The consultant gave me a sample package of the RE9 line, and I used it for a week. I was blown away at the result. My face cleared up and I was able to use an spf moisturizer without breakouts for the first time. Although the price is rather high, it has saved me a trip to the dermatologist and costly prescriptions. I am not a consultant and this is an honest consumer review.

  25. G Palmer, That is great to hear about how RE9 has helped you!My cousin has a skin condition as well, she has been using Pro-Active for a while but it doesn't really seem to be doing anything. I am a consultant with Arbonne and I was worried about giving her a sample of RE9 because she is so sensitive. Thanks to your post I am going to give her a sample to try and hope that it can help her out as well.

    (located in Regina, SK)

    Please feel free to contact me

    1. Explain to her what Pro-active has in it. It's really bad! Has your cousin try the calm line.

  26. I used the cleanser, day cream, and night cream for over a year and have not yet found a better set from all of the big name Sephora brands. Seriously, nothing compares to how gentle and effective this is. My skin was notably brighter, smoother, and clearer than it's ever been. I recently had to switch to a Boscia night cream (Arbonne was out at the time) and while I am a fan of other Boscia products (the BB cream!) it couldn't hold a candle to the RE9. I did try the serum for a while and found that it did make me breakout a bit. No doubt, I'll be making the move to repurchase the entire kit as soon as I run out of my current substitutes. FYI, I'm 33 and don't work for the company (my mom did for a while).

    1. Why not? Be a consultant and always get the discounts and even an opportunity to earn your own big bucks!

      I am a new Independent Consultant myself and have been using the RE9 sample pack for the past week. TOTALLY LOVE it. I just bit the bullet and purchased my RE9 set yesterday! I know it worth every penny! Contact me if you would like discounts on items!

      Arbonne ID # 14155306

  27. Thanks for sharing..!! I love your post . I am looking more post like this one on this blog . this post proves really helpful for me.

  28. I'm a dude. I have a face goo obsession, no lie. I used to hide it and pretend that I didn't spend $300 on stuff for my wrinkles and I have to say the first time I tried Arbonne was not good. It was about 5 years ago and I just stopped all my old stuff and started the Arbonne and all I had was breakouts for a week so I stopped using it. Recently I bought a Clarisonic brush and restarted Arbonne on just the few things instead of EVERYTHING all at once. As I introduced the products over a couple of weeks, my skin looks healthier and feels smoother. I still have the occasional breakout, but I eat crap. Overall, I was pleased enough to buy the full-sized kit and I continue to use it daily.

  29. Arbonne ID#: 116194437
    I am a 24 year old Arbonne consultant and I can see visible results with RE9, imagine the results on older skin!

    Contact me with any questions.

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  32. I purchased the acne line in the spring and broke out with the WORST acne I have ever had in my life - blistering white heads and deep pimples overran my face and made me hide from public. I contacted my rep and they assured me that this was a normal reaction as it was just "purging the impurities" stage and urged me to continue. The longer I used these products, the worse my skin got so eventually I just gave them back to my rep and asked for a return. Instead, I got my products replaced by the rc5 line (not what I asked for but ok I will try it). Same results, blistering pimples (not as aggressive but still very bad breakouts). OF COURSE, when I went to return the products the window to return had closed and I was stuck with bad skin and no money. In my opinion, this company is a sham and very unprofessional. I was given the run-around by three different employees - one even at a corporate level, who said they would take care of the return then changed their story when I actually went to do it. Once they have your money, (and they know you don't like their product) they no longer work for you. Funny thing is, if they had conducted business properly and professionally, I would have considered trying other products. Instead however, this entire time they made me feel as if I was the one to blame because their products caused a breakout. This is a business number one, a skin care line second. Be warned.

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  37. Quick question -how can anyone sell skin care to clients who have never been received any formal education on skin? (by education I mean an accredited school resulting in being a certified medical aesthetician – NOT a weekend training seminar) As a professional in the industry for 10+ yrs working in cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons offices with a background in nutrition -Arbonne is not what it is cracked up to be-I see several clients a month who’s skin has been affected by Arbonne. How can “consultants” consult without formal education on skin?

    1. Hello :) I am an Arbonne consultant and I'm also a licensed cosmetologist, so I've had thorough training and education on the science of skincare. It's unfortunate that maybe there are Arbonne consultants out there recommending the wrong products to people based on their skincare needs. When using the correct products for your skin, Arbonne is REALLY great.

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    1. I would be happy to hook you up with some great discounts on Arbonne products. You can contact me at if you'd like me to make a professional recommendation on which Arbonne products would work great for you and your skincare needs. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and Arbonne consultant.

      Have a great day,
      Eryn :)